8 Beach Essentials List

Beach Packing Essentials

The beach is the perfect summer destination to relax and unwind from a long busy week. Here is a list of all the essentials you need to pack for your trip.

1. Beach Bag

A good sized bag is very important to fit all your essentials. To choose the right bag it should be water resistant and easy to clean. Check out Miz Casa & Co.


2. Towel

Bring a lightweight towel that’s easy to pack in your beach bag. Tesalate towel is a great option with its innovative fabric, delivering sand-free, ultra-absorbent, ready too dry making life easier on the beach.

3. Swimsuit

Whether you are sun bathing or enjoy a water activity, make sure you feel comfortable and confident. The 7th Avenue has different swimwear varieties you can choose from, not only that but also made from sustainable fabric. 

4. Water Bottle

Stay hydrated!! Bring an insulated water bottle, that way your water stays cold all day. We recommend Frankgreen bottles.


5. Sunglasses 

Invest in good pairs of sunglasses that protects and blocks UV rays from your eyes. I personally love Vehla sunglasses they are stylish and they give 100% UV protection.

6. Sun Hat

To protect your skin and hair from sun rays and add a touch of style to your bikini, a timeless straw hat from Lack of Color is all you need. They have different colors and styles that fit your need, making it a perfect accessory for the beach.

7. Tanning Oil with SPF

We all love to get this tanning glow, but it’s also important to get SPF sun protection. My personal favorite is Bali Body tanning oil, it’s lightweight with natural ingredients leaving your skin hydrated and smelling fresh. They offer different levels of SPF protection you can choose from and most importantly it’s vegan friendly.

8. Hair Oil

When at the beach we often forget our hair, but it’s very important to take care of it. Sun and salty water can damage and dry your hair so it’s best to use a hair treatment oil my fav is from Ouai.


Remember to stay safe while swimming and keep our ocean clean.