7 Steps To Achieving The Perfect Tan

7 Steps to achieving the perfect tan


 Let’s be honest most of us wait for summer to escape the city and spend the day relaxing on the beach while getting that tan. Here are some steps on how to prepare your skin for a perfect tan.

1. Exfoliate: 

 Exfoliating your body is the first step to achieve a long-lasting tan. Exfoliation will help remove dead skin that can prevent a uniform tan. Use a natural home remedy that is has no harmful chemicals that might damage your skin, my personal favorite is usually a mix of sugar and raw coconut oil,  as the sugar particles will remove dead skin cells at the same time the coconut oil will work as great moisturizer. 

TIP: Start exfoliating few days before being exposed to the sun as your skin will be more sensitive.

2.  Food:

The food you eat can also help in the process of tanning. Consuming food that contains Beta-carotene and Lycopene that’s found in carrots, tomatoes, watermelon and guava can increase your skin’s protection to UV making your skin a little orangey.

3.  Sunscreen with SPF:

Always wear a sunscreen with UV protection of at least 30 SPF.  Most of us forget about the sunscreen or afraid from using it as an excuse for not achieving that tan, but from experience I can guarantee that you will actually get tanned, more slowly but in a safe way not to damage your skin.

Make sure the sunscreen or lotion you choose can block UVA and UVB rays, and does not contain any toxic chemicals.

4. Change Positions: 

changing position frequently will help you avoid burning one part of your body and be tanned equally.

5. Time:

If you’re considering to tan quickly, the sun is strongest between noon and 3 P.M. keeping in mind it will do the most damage. If you have a fair skin tone, it’s best to tan during morning hours or after 3 P.M. to avoid sun burn.

6. Seek Shade:

Taking a break will make it less likely to burn, use that time to eat some veggies and fruits, drink plenty of water to keep you refreshed and hydrated.

7. Hydrate:

Finally, after showering make sure you apply moisturizing cream or natural oils to keep your skin hydrated, this will make your skin glow.